Fondo in Camel Mule

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Fondo in Camel Mule
Fondo in Camel Mule
Fondo in Camel Mule
eLive relaxed in the casual essence of Fondo in leopard print. This effortless slip-on mule is finished in authentic moroccan details and artisanal finishes. Crafted on a sacchetto construction, this style fits like a glove, with no seams inside for an uninterrupted luxury experience. What you don't see - a hidden wedge for a subtle lift and comfort flex technology making this modern boho silhouette a masterpiece of handcrafted design.

physical description

- Women's slip-on mules
- Sacchetto construction
- Modern square toe
- Flex and comfort technology
- Memory foam padded sock
- .98" low hidden wedge

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