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Sweet Magnolias' Boho Adjustable Moonstone Ring | Raw Stone

Sweet Magnolias' Boho Adjustable Moonstone Ring | Raw Stone

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As seen on Netflix series Sweet Magnolias S3Ep 3 on Caroline Lagerfelt as Paula Vreeland DETAILS: Lovingly handcrafted, this brass ring has been treated with a rich black patina to enhance the appearance of the stamped motif. Each ring has been enhanced with hand crushed raw pyrite creating a visual delight with eye catching organic sparkle around the white moonstone center. Lead and nickel free. MEASUREMENTS: Base size for the ring is 7.5, and can easily adjust to larger sizes by extending outwards PROPERTIES: Pyrite is commonly known as fool's gold, and has a magnificent luster that is somewhere between a silver and gold tone. Raw pyrite inspires creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies. Moonstone is known as a protection stone with calming properties from emotional stress.

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